Sanguich De Miami


The Sanguicheria


Sanguich’s 25 seat sanguich shop and café play tribute to Cuba’s early 1900 Spanish architecture. Featuring Brass trimmings, decorative wall trimmings, Spanish tile, and playful 24kt gold leaf designs. Stepping into our dining space will make you feel cozy and right at home. Beware you’re likely to not want to leave.


The Ventanita


What’s a Cuban spot without a ventanita. Celebrating a tradition that stretches back for generations. Sanguich de Miami has secured your spot with a front row view into where the magic happens. All while sipping on a cup of dark roasted espresso topped with a thick coat of espumita.

Taking Pride in What We Serve


We take our sanguich making seriously! Everything from our jamon, lechon, mostasa, pepinillos en vinagre are produced completely in-house. It has never been about what a sanguich is, but what it has always been— homemade.


Meet Our Ingredients


We’re looking to highlight our ingredients in an informative way. I’ve attached and example of what we had in mind. It clearly doesn’t follow the design template, but we’re guessing your experience and design talent can provide us with a solution. These pictures are placeholders only; they’re not actually ours. We’ll supplement these afterwards.



Our city ham is brined for 7 days. Bathed in salt, sugar, honey and secret spices, making for some of the juciest flavored ham you’ll ever taste.



We marinate our pork for 24 hours, using three basic ingredients, but it’s how it’s cooked that makes it special. Como dice tu abuelita, “despacio, mi hijo”.

Pepinillos en Vinagre


We work with a local farmer for the best pickling cucumbers. Some pickling spice there, some vinegar and voila! We have freshly made, crisp pickles.



You probably won’t believe us if we tell you, but we make our own mustard. Yep, that’s right! We’re mustard makers too.

Guaya Marmalade


Delicately hand-made by PG Tropical with South Florida grown guava from Guavonia Guava Grove in Homestead, FL.

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Little Havana, FL 33135

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Cultivo una rosa blanca,
en julio como en enero,
para el amigo sincero,
que me da su mano franca.

Y para el cruel que me arranca
el corazon con que vivo,
cardo ni ortiga cultivo;
cultivo una rosa blanca.

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