Plating Change at Sanguich

Plating Change at Sanguich

Marcus Lemonis and Alex Rodriguez drop by Sanguich and help the popular small business battle food insecurity in their local community. See what happens when they step up to the plate and accept the Plating Change challenge.


Through the “Plating Change” program—Marcus Lemonis, Camping World, and SRX are coming together to support independent restaurants while supplying meals to people battling food insecurity.

The “Plating Change” program will match individual donations up to $500,000 reaching for a total goal of donating $1,000,000. The “Plating Change” program supports non-profit organizations including World Central Kitchen and its “Restaurants For The People” program.

WCK’s “Restaurants For The People” program addresses the growing hunger and economic crises by paying local restaurants to cook fresh meals for their neighbors in need.

To donate a single meal or more, donate directly to World Central Kitchen below. A donation of just $10 supports a local restaurant and provides a nourishing meal to someone in need. All individual donations through the “Plating Change” link on this page will be matched up to $500,000.

It’s your turn to help create change and battle food insecurity. Donate today.!/donation/checkout